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Chin House of Antiques

Penang is an old town, so it makes sense that some of the wonderful treasures that have made their way in here in the past would remain here. It's all a matter of finding them, but it's easier if you know where to start looking, Chin House of Antiques probably is one of the best places to buy antiques in Penang.

Chin House of Antiques is founded in year 1992 which located at No 13 Seck Chuan Lane is run by a friendly dealer – Mr David Chin whom is an artist and collecting antiques is his passion since his early day. Besides collecting antiques and passion for arts, David also gifted with a pair of magic hands to allow him to repair and restore the antique which are broken or chipped back to their perfect looks!

Chin House of Antiques is like an antiques storage room – it's a 2 stories house with all sorts of lovely authentic things around the world inside it. Some antiques markets pride themselves on being specialists in something, but eccentric Chin’s House couldn't be much more eclectic: in one corner you might find a pair of pre-WW2 genuine pocket watch in a fine carving wooden box; in another corner you'll find a telephone made in the 60s with the receiver hidden, discretely, within a set of bulls horns; and in the one after that there might be an original art deco lamp. And the inventory list could continue indefinitely, the point being that if you don't see something beautiful and unusual then you might need to consider whether you actually like antiques.

Address: No 13 Seck Chuan Lane 10200 Penang.
Tel no: +604 261 0035
Operating Hours: 12pm – 7pm, Monday – Saturday